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Eine Spendenaktion von J. Hossner

We run, you donate - For Toilets in The Gambia

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Lissy Federlein & Jürgen Hossner run for The Gambia! (West-Africa)

The Gambia: Two Basic Schools, scarcely 3,500(!) young students, three "toilet cabins" for girls and three "toilet cabins" for boys each. Some over 40 years old. All the toilet houses are in an unimaginable state... actually no longer usable. We have personally looked at these toilet cabins on site. We are happy to send you photos so that you can make your own picture of the bad condition. There will be no money for renovating the toilets used by the government. The schools themselves have no money. For this reason we run for the money:

1. CHINA: May 20th, 2017, Great Wall Marathon (42,195 km & 21,1 km)
2. GERMANY:  June 17th, 2017, Zugspitz Supertrail (62,8 km & 24 km)
3. ICELAND:  August 19th, 2017, Reykjavik Marathon (42,195 km & 10 km)
4. INDIA: Oktober 29th - November 2nd, 2017, Himalayan Run inkl. Mount Everest Marathon (160 km).

INSGESAMT: Round about 400 km in 4 countries.

DThese new toilets are so close to our hearts that we would like to win running sponsors for this. We run the "4-country-Run", you donate and the kids can then be humanly worthy to perform their relieve, at least during the time at school. TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS! - UBUNTU*

We would be delighted if you donated at least 0.50 Euro-cents per km. Of course, as a donor, you will be kept up to date in the truest sense of the word by our own documentation, in writing and image. So you're always there. This is extremely important to us, because after all it is also "our" Common running project! According to the African motto called "Ubuntu". (More info about "Ubuntu" see below).
In this sense & all with love.
Your Lissy & Jürgen.

*"Ubuntu": I am, because we are!
A European researcher offered a game to hungry children of an African tribe. He put a basket of sweet fruits on a tree and told them who was there first, winning all the fruit. When he gave them the starting signal, they took each other's hands, ran together, then sat down together and enjoyed the treats. When he asked them why they all ran together, where everyone had the chance to win the fruits for themselves, they said: "Ubuntu – how can one of us be happy when all the others are sad!". Ubuntu is called in their culture: "I am, because we are!".

J. Hossner

J. Hossner hat diese Spendenaktion am 25. Januar 2017 veröffentlicht.

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