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CAN-Xmas Campaign 2016

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Tom Z.
Tom Z. schrieb am 12.04.2017

Dear friends of C•A•N -

THANK YOU so much for participating in our CAN-Xmas-Campaign – either as a Giver or as a receiver of a CAN-Xmas-Gift.

We offered 4 PRESENTS for you to give the gift of giving to your loved ones and to share happiness far beyond the Christmas tree. It was your generosity and kindness that made this Conscious Action a success and together we made a difference in Ethiopia, Tanzania, India and in the Mediterranean Sea – getting children off the ground through education, sponsoring bees to protect elephants, keeping orphans warm through the winter and saving refugees and humanity from drowning.

• The CAN-Xmas Website: http://CAN-Xmas.org

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U P D A T E :


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Thanks to YOU the children at RAMANA'S GARDEN CHILDREN'S HOME didn't need to freeze this winter. We sponsored 100 COSY SWEATERS & HATS to keep them warm.
56 of them were given as presents as part of our CAN-Xmas-Campaign. THANK YOU to all the givers!
The other 44 we financed out of Hans Sigl's CAN-LET-LOVE-RULE-FUND. THANK YOU, Hans!



2. LIFE-VESTS saving REFUGEES in the Mediterranean Sea.  


Since last week SEA-EYE.org has a second ship: The SEEFUCHS (SEA-FOX).
This year they will patrol the Mediterranean Sea with two ships to rescue Humans from drowning.
The life-vests, which you gave as a Christmas gifts, will go this ship and start serving humanity in May.
But before that we will write the names of the gift-receivers on them and send you the pictures.
If you want to stock up on meaningful birthday presents for the rest of the year - NOW is the perfect opportunity to do so. Birthdays are usually quite predictable and a life-saving-vest is more unique and more useful than a bottle of wine, isn't it?
• Here is our DONATION CAMPAIGN ----> http://www.SEA-FOX.de


3. BEE-HIVES protecting ELEPHANTS in Tanzania

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This was our most popular gift last Christmas.
All in all you gave 75 BEE-HIVES with a total value of 3000€.
In the first few weeks of 2017 we went to Tanzania to document how they are built and painted (bees like them white). We signed them with your names and hung up the first batch on the fence along the Udzungwa National Park. Besides we learned a lot about bees and elephant protection.

Unfortunately the COMPLETION-FILM isn't edited yet (because there is so much great footage).
We will send it to you as soon as it's ready.

Meanwhile there is this little FILM from the day we hung up the first 10 hives:

• You can DOWNLOAD your personal BEE-HIVE-PICTURES here:
• For those who don't know yet why little bees can guard big elephants - watch the INTRO FILM on our CAN-Xmas-page: http://can-xmas.org/Project/Index/61



Limit 600x450 image

From Tanzania we went (more or less) straight to the Simiens to write your names on the 35 SCHOOL BENCHES that you have given for Christmas. We visited the 3 schools where those benches will support the education of many hundreds of children. 

• Here is the FILM:

This support campaign will continue as well. Currently we are helping to finance the completion of four classrooms at the Chila School (the school where the benches in the film were carried up to) out of the LET-LOVE-RULE-FUND by HANS SIGL.
Right now the mud work on the walls is being done. Later we want to finish the floors as well. Those classrooms, and many more in the other schools, need more benches.
Therefore we are extending this GIFT-CAMPAIGN so you have wonderful presents all year for all occasions. Allow a few days before you get the picture of your dedicated school bench with the name of your choice on it.

Limit 600x450 image
You can download this picture HERE: https://spaces.hightail.com/space/phuhe   


THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our CAN-Xmas-CAMPAIGN.
We hope that all gift receivers are happy with their Christmas presents.
For sure these presents will bring sustainable happiness to the children in Rishikesh, and the people in the Mediterranian saved with your life-vests, the farmers, bees and elephants in Tanzania, and the children in the mountains of Ethiopia.   
We hope that you will keep participating in the C•A•N Activities in the future and let others know about it too, so they get a chance to be part of it. That way our CAN-Community can expand and the impact we can make will become even more significant.

Especially at a time when new walls are being built and old borders being closed, when societies fall into division and the spirit of TOGETHERNESS is in danger of getting lost, it is important to take conscious action in this very spirit.

No matter how crazy and dangerous the world might seem these days, this particular age we live in offers us the unique opportunity to make a difference in a simple and fulfilling way.
We CAN all celebrate this freedom and this power that we have though our Conscious Actions and share a our happiness with those who can use a little support.
Not because we have to - but because we CAN.


THANK YOU to the four wonderful PROJECTS and all those CAN-HEROS running them:

1. THANK YOU to RAMANA'S GARDEN's founder and director, DEVA DWABHA, whose infinite kindness and dedication created this oasis of love and transformation in Rishikesh, India.
Whenever you're in the area you should check out this magical place and enjoy the delicious food at its organic cafe.
• RAMANA'S GARDEN PROJECT on betterplace: https://www.betterplace.org/p27709
• RAMANA'S GARDEN Website: http://www.SayYesNow.org
• RAMANA'S GARDEN auf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ramanas-Garden-Childrens-Home-224313421063260/

2. THANK YOU to MICHAEL & BUSCH BUSCHHEUER and the organization SEA-EYE - and all the crews on board and ashore - for the smooth collaboration and for saving so many human lives. Because with every person who drowns in the Mediterranean we are losing a piece of our own humanity.
• More CAN-FILMS on SEA-EYE: http://www.mission-humanity.com
• SEA-EYE website: http://www.SEA-EYE.org
• SEA-EYE bei facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seaeyeorg

3a. THANK YOU to the whole staff of S.T.E.P. - the Southern Tanzania Elephant Program -
for taking such good care of us while we were there and patiently explaining to us to the details of their work. We are happy to keep supporting this wonderful project.
• S.T.E.P. DONATION-SITE on betterplace: http://www.betterplace.org/p51854
• S.T.E.P. Website: http://www.stzelephants.org/
• S.T.E.P. bei Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SouthernTanzaniaElephantProgram/

3b. THANK YOU also to Original Beans (especially PHILIPP and HARI) for this wonderful Cooperation and for providing all of us with the most delicious way to make a difference - by eating chocolate to protect the planet. The next projects are already in preparation.
• A little FILM with Original Beans Founder PHILIPP KAUFFMANN:

• ORIGINAL BEANS Website: http://www.originalbeans.com
• ORIGINAL BEANS bei Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/originalbeans/

4. THANK YOU to NICK CRANE (Simien Lodge Chief), AKILU (Lodge Manager) and the whole staff and team. We had such a magical time in and around the SIMIEN LODGE on the roof of Africa. We are so happy to be able to make this difference together with you
• SIMIEN MOUNTAINS SCHOOL PROJECT auf betterplace: http://www.SIMIENS.org
• SIMIEN LODGE (The Highest Hotel in Africa) Website: http://www.SIMIENS.com
• SIMIEN LODGE auf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/simiens.lodge/ 


whose generous support enables us to do our work:
• HANS SIGL ------ http://www.hanssigl.de
• LOVECHOCK ------ http://www.lovechock.com
• FLATLINERS ------ http://www.flatliners.tv
• CINE-IMPULS ------ http://www.cine-impuls.de
• NOVAFILM ------ http://www.novafilm.de
• FRIESER Munich ------ http://frieser-muenchen.de
• ADVERTISING ALLIANCE ------ https://www.advertising-alliance.de/
• HARI & the TRUEFFELSWINE ------ https://www.facebook.com/Trueffelswine-160597277309465/
• VEREIN der VISIONAERE ------ http://www.verein-der-visionaere.de
• betterplace.org ------ https://www.betterplace.org/de
• MARGARET RICHARDSON (founder of Rigul Trust)
• HANNA SAHLMAN (Coder's Dojo for the world)) - CODE-WRANGLER of the CAN-Xmas site.
• DANDA - LoveCompassionGratitude (spinning background art): http://DandaHesselmann.de
• LORETTA STERN - Voice Over Intro Film

MICHAEL KASTENBAUM, MARK HATWOOD, RINGU TULKU, KARMAPA, the DALAI LAMA and all others who directly or indirectly inspired or supported this interdependent production and the Conscious Action Network in general.

The CAN-Africa-Team 2017:
- producer, camera-woman, bookkeeper, a.d., a.c., p.a., u.p.m. & advocatus diaboli...
- director, camera, editor, CE, MD, ...

for making a difference together
... because TOGETHER WE CAN