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Eine Spendenaktion von B. Outbackers

BSC2017-Baltic Outbackers (We Drive-You Donate!)


Worum es geht

Thanks to our supporters for the Xmas presents. 
We will continue though... over Easter and any other good reason to share.

Many of us have nearly ‚everything‘. But many have almost nothing!
Let's make life joyous for everyone. With a small donation, you’ll support kids in Stuttgart and Berlin with something extremely basic: one warm dish per day in a safe environment. 

100% of your contribution will go directly to the ones in need.
Every day is a good day to share.
Let's do something for the ones who aren't that lucky in life - and make them SMILE. 😃

Thanks for your support!
Marc & Oliver

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Baltic Outbackers participates in the Baltic Sea Circle Rally to collect donations. 
We Drive - you donate! For a good reason: 3 Charity projects. 

We are not just driving for fun - but for a GOOD REASON! WE DRIVE - YOU DONATE!

Our starting fee already went into the charity program of S.A.C.
On top our Baltic Outbackers team has the ambition to collect more donations for three projects: 
1. Children hospice Stuttgart
2. The Ark Berlin: Lunch for kids in need 
3. Viva con Agua Sankt Pauli - Water projects

Join us and help with your donation. Today.

Some more information about us: 
Marc (from Germany) and Oliver (from Australia) will participate in next year's midsummer and northernmost rally in the world - the Baltic Sea Circle Rally around the Baltic sea:
  • 7.500km
  • 10 countries
  • 16 days
  • no GPS
  • no motorways
  • in an awesome 34 year old Mercedes-Benz

Starting in Hamburg (Germany) via Stockholm, North Cap, Murmansk, St. Petersburg, Tallin and Kaliningrad back to Hamburg. 
Marc and Oliver met 2009 while working in Singapore. Since Oliver is living in Australia we have called our team ‚Baltic Outbackers‘. 
Thanks for supporting us!
Marc & Oliver

B. Outbackers

B. Outbackers hat diese Spendenaktion am 15. November 2016 veröffentlicht.

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