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Eine Spendenaktion von Arlette H.

Free Khmer lessons for BOOKBRIDGE Fellows!


Worum es geht

Watch our video ==> here

BOOKBRIDGE Fellows support our learning center as volunteers for a period of 6 months to one year. They offer free activities in the library and co-teach English classes.
Roman, Fellow from April 2015 to February 2016, says about his experience in Tonloab: “I have learned a lot about working in a developing country and the challenges and successes of rural Cambodia. I developed my skills in co-teaching and identifying best practices to work together with people from a different culture. But most of all it is about the friends you make. For life!”
Vannak, Head of Learning Center, says about Roman’s fellowship: “I am very glad about Roman’s help: he has not only improved the communication skills of students and teachers and helped to increase income for the learning center but also contributed to marketing, improved teaching methods and our computer software and even did fundraising for more student chairs.”
Our former Fellows have indicated the importance of speaking the local language to have a more impactful work on site. 
With your donations, we aim to cover at least 6 months of Khmer lessons for the next Fellow. 
The Fellow will take Khmer lessons 2 hours per day, 5 days per week with a local teacher. One week of Khmer classes costs around 25 EUR!
Donate now to support Khmer lessons for the next BOOKBRIDGE Fellow in Tonloab.
Every donation is welcomed until Tuesday 29th November, 2016 on Giving Tuesday. On that day thousands of people in more than 70 countries do good stuff for their favourite charity or cause.
Want to do more about it? Please help us spreading the word with the hashtags #BOOKBRIDGE #GivingTuesdayDE

Thank you very much!
Arlette (Bridgebuilder, General Management Plus Program) 
Volunteer as a Fellow -  For more information go to Fellowship.
Be part of the Bridgebuilder Community - For more information of the award winning program go to General Management Plus Program.
Video about #GivingTuesday here

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Arlette H.

Arlette H. hat diese Spendenaktion am 25. Oktober 2016 veröffentlicht.

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