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Education Program for Mbo Barombi Pupils

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The Importance Of Education

D. Kowa
D. Kowa schrieb am 10.10.2016

Fundraising Campaign to combat illiteracy in African society by innovating recreational and recreational programs. a fundraising Campaign is currently going on to help support youths, students,kids just to mention a few in communities. From our local research is proven that most of this kids that are unable to go to school are so educated and for us to change the world to be a better place for all is to encourage education.

some of the importance of education as listed below;

1. “Education is the Most Powerful Weapon Which You Can Use to Change the World.”

2.“an Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest.”

3.“Education is the Best Friend. an Educated Person is Respected          Everywhere. Education Beats the Beauty and the Youth.”

4.“Education is Not Preparation for Life; Education is Life Itself.”