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Viele Grüße aus Berlin, Dein

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Eine Spendenaktion von Z. Courtenay

Running for the integration of migrants


Worum es geht

14 years ago, I became an immigrant when I moved from London to Berlin. Berlin welcomed me with open arms, I was given the support of my family, friends and colleagues, learnt the language and have since integrated myself into German life.

There are thousands of immigrants in Berlin less fortunate than I was. Forced to leave their homes and, in many cases, their families behind to escape brutal and bloody wars, they now live in makeshift camps in Berlin. These people have no legal status, so aren't able to find work and pay to study German, making it almost impossible for them to integrate themselves in Berlin.

Thankfully, GermanNow! are helping with this integration process by providing free German classes, integration support and companionship to hundreds of people. I’d be very grateful if you would help support this initiative that supports two refugee camps in places I have lived – Templehof and Prenzlauer Berg. I’m convinced the refugees will be just as thankful.

Rather than just asking for the money, I am also running in a 10Km run in Berlin on the 9th October, 2016. At the end of the run, I will personally add 10% (or €50 - whichever comes first) of the total of your contributions to the pot.

Much love, Zaren

p.s. For those that speak German, you can see details of the GermanNow! activities on this page.

In order to collect your contributions, I am using
Giving money via is safe and uncomplicated. On the 10th October I will direct the collections to the GermanNow! project.

Z. Courtenay

Z. Courtenay hat diese Spendenaktion am 20. September 2016 veröffentlicht.

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