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Time to let you all know...

C. Cadman
C. Cadman schrieb am 18.08.2016

Time to let you all know about the second edition our charity fundraiser. Doing the same as last time clearly isn't good enough so we had to think of an itinerary that will make you part with your cash. We are again raising money both here & in Germany. We're sticking with the Tartan Army Children's Charity (TACC) & Trauerland - Zentrum für trauernde Kinder und Jugendliche e.V. but are also adding the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal (TASA) who donate money to charity at each venue that Scotland play away games at. 

So, the effort that will hopefully make you donate is;
Day 1 - depart from The Falkirk Stadium & cycle to North Shields for the overnight ferry to Holland (approx 150 miles/220km)
Day 2 - depart from the ferry port at Ijmuiden & cycle to Chez Daniel in Oldenburg (approx 175 miles/280km)
Day 3 - depart Chez Daniel & cycle to Bremen (approx 75km) & run the Bremen marathon then cycle the 75km back to Chez Daniel in Oldenburg
Day 4 - reverse of day 2
Day 5 - reverse of day 1
Way more miles & effort than last time, I'm sure you'll agree!
We have managed to secure signed a Falkirk FC jersey, a signed Raith Rovers jersey & a signed Werder Bremen jersey to help raise funds which I'll let you know more about later.