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Update on Lebanon on Wheels

A. Breteau
A. Breteau schrieb am 23.01.2017

Dear friends,

We hope that you are all well and had an enjoyable Christmas period.

A huge thank you for turning Project Toufic into a reality. It is thanks to your wonderful donations, your trust and all your support that we can today show you the first pictures of the boys at school.

The fantastic news is that proper education for the boys has now been ensured for the next couple of years. They have already started their courses at the “Foyer de la Tendresse”, a special school for handicapped children in Lebanon and are doing very well. All of them seem to enjoy it a lot. A new boy called Mikael has also joined the class and joined Ahmad, Abbes, and Toufic. The young teacher gets along perfectly with the four boys and they are already making good progress.  We hope that the classes will also provide an opportunity for them to bond more and more through their time together.


“Last year, we faced a challenge with Toufic. He would rarely participate in the activities. In class, he had difficulties focusing; (...)

After a while, with our support, he started to change. He started to like coloring, building blocks and drawing lines when he is calm. (...)”

Foyer de la Tendresse, Dec 16

Abbas:“In the last year Abbas became better at concentrating. We worked with him on the concept of proper behaviour, being calm and quiet, and how to address his fellow classmates and teachers. He had improved in class. (...)”

Foyer de la Tendresse, Dec 16

Thanks to your help, the Lebanon on Wheels was a tremendous success. George and Auguste cycled nearly 3000 miles, crossed five borders and made it all the way from London to Athens. A special mention has to go out to all the wonderfully generous hosts we encountered along the way who amazed us with their kindness, our friends Marie Brauchitch and Nico Limburg for helping us with the fundraising and the incredible Heidi Soden for all her help in making the project happen in Lebanon. 

Do watch the video to get a little insight in our journey: http://www.facebook.com/pg/lebanononwheels/videos

We are also delighted to announce that the Lebanon on Wheels looks set to be continued next year. If you or anyone you know is interested in taking part in this and making it their own, please do not hesitate to contact us!

In the future we will keep you updated on how the classes are developing and how Abbas, Ahmed, Mikael and Toufic are doing. Until then, THANK YOU.

George and Auguste