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Finishing the children's home in Masaka

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M. Moses
M. Moses schrieb am 29.04.2016

Sharing Viola's story, Let's give our donation to help many other children like Viola to have alternative home

http://masakatimes.yolasite.com/     and       http://savo-kids.jimdo.com

My name is Viola and I am 17 years old. My school is Numasa Secondary School, I am in form four. I walk over 8 km every day to go to school. This is very hard for me because most times I am late at school and after school I could come back home late. Its not safe on the streets where I walk to go to school and I meet different challenges everyday, sometimes I worry that some days I may not jump over them. As a grown girl I have many challenges and needs which I can't have in my life, I cannot even get pads for my menstruation and during those days I could miss school.

I don't always get everything I need and this is very hard for my life. I grew up in a family of five children with my beloved grandmother who died in 2011 when I was in primary six. For me ever since I started understanding and studying, I was with my grand mother. I didn't know my mother and I have never seen her coming at home to see me or to visit us.

I didn't know whether she was alive or not. Sometimes I used to ask my grandmother but even her could not tell.

We suffered a lot with my sisters and brothers because sometimes we couldn't go to school because of school fees and sometimes we could miss lunch and supper. Time reached when our grandmother was weak and had nothing to do and then we left school. We started looking for money for school fees and food to eat. Our grandmother used to sell coffee in order to get money but time came when this also was no longer possible.

I have my father but he is a drunkard man, he never paid for me school fees even for one school term but he is ever drinking whenever he gets money. We stayed in that condition for a long time.

Time reached when my grandmother suffered from malaria and we had no medicine to give her, unfortunately after three days she died. I cried asking myself why me... Why us, because at that time I had nowhere to live with my sisters and brothers and I was the first born in our father, but for them they were lucky because they had their mothers even though their mothers were poor, they can be taken by someone who can take responsibility on them.

Then, I was taken by my father where I suffered a lot because I could not eat lunch sometimes also supper. I could also stay home with out going to school. My father could go and drink alcohol whole day and send me out side from the house in the midnight and I sleep outside. But one day, a woman came whom my father told me that she was my mother. I was very happy to see her and she took me back to school. She paid for me school fees for one term and I went back to school, unfortunately, after that she went away and she was married to another man and she was very far away, also she had no money too. The following term I had no school fees and then I missed the whole of the second term. But in term three a man came whom I had never seen and that was Master Moses. He took me to SAVO – One Family House and took me back to school and started paying my school fees. But the problem is that sometimes I am sent back home for school fees and when Master Moses does not have any money. He started caring for me in all possible ways ever since 2011 until now.

I pray to God so that He give protection to Master Moses and give him blessings in everything he does to care for me and many other children in this home. We are family here, he tries everything for us although sometimes we get tired of eating posho lunch and supper everyday. This is the only cheap food he can buy. He don't have a lot of money and we are now understanding this.
I study very hard so that I predict my future, I want to be a doctor in future so that I treat sick people at SAVO and to others. I also want to help the needy people in future, this is my dream.