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Tim O.
Tim O. schrieb am 27.01.2016

Following the admission of hundreds of thousands of refugees to Germany, the challenges of integration start to appear. The important thing now will be to apply resources and commitment to effective concepts.

This does not mean the wheel has to be reinvented – established concepts already exist here and abroad that can be used to further integration in Germany.

During the Hello Festival in Berlin from 18th-20th March 2016 (http://www.hello-festival.de), the pioneers of 15 of these projects will come to Germany.

The selected concepts for integration provide solutions in four essential fields:

- education and participation
- integration into the job market and financial security
- housing and health
- welcoming culture and acceptance

In order to propagate these solutions in Germany, Ashoka and betterplace.org, in cooperation with Zalando and further partners, start the innovation fund for integration HERE.

How can I participate?

We invite all partners, funding organizations and private supporters to engage by contributing to the fund, and therewith facilitating the implementation and application of the best concepts in Germany. 100% of the donations go to the most effective solutions in the end.

Donate online here!

Easy, safe and with donation receipt.

How will the proceeds be distributed?

All donations to the fund will go to those German organizations that have presented a well-engineered plan for the implementation and usage of a concept, and that were able to obtain significant results in the course of the year 2016. Ashoka and betterplace.org will distribute the donations from the fund following the assessment and approval of the entrepreneurial concept and the social impact.

betterplace.org will take care of the proper forwarding of 100% of the fund to the organizations as well as for the transparent online presentation of the funded projects.

We are looking forward to your support – we can accomplish a lot together!