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School Fees for the Children for 2016

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Imagine living without education!

C. Kamiti
C. Kamiti schrieb am 17.11.2015

Imagine you couldn’t read or write. Imagine you knew nothing of the world that exists beyond your hometown. Imagine you had no idea how to prevent common illnesses that were devastating your community. Or worse yet, imagine you didn’t even know your basic human rights, let alone how to fight for them.

For the a million primary school-aged children who aren’t in school, there’s no need to imagine—this is their reality. These children are out of school for a number of reasons: some of them, girls especially, are needed at home to help take care of siblings and collect water for their family’s use, others are engaged in child labour; some live too far from the nearest school, while others can’t afford to pay for a uniform or the necessary school fees. Whatever the reason, without access to an education, these children remain voiceless and the cycle of poverty continues.

Education is the best way to empower children, especially girls, with the tools, knowledge, strength and confidence they need to promote and protect their own rights, growth and self- sufficiency. With education, children, families, communities and even nations can break the cycle of poverty.

Education provides the highest return of any social investment.