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Establish Sports centre and farming project in ag

J. Chibuye
J. Chibuye schrieb am 01.02.2010

Building centre for sustainable of the project

Joy human development healthly income generating project to supporting fininacial the organisation, companies,donors and inividuals support.

Joy requires supports to enhance the programmes activities. all contribution of the donation will go sports health education:

The project are building a children home sport programmes rehabitation of streetkids out reach project remove them from the street and shelter.

We are establishing a centre of excellence sports centre,social enterprise and skills training.

Research on Education for all how to read and write, life skills,malaria,T.B, HIV and AIDS social change or chaging lives.

source for funds to support our project.

Chamba Valley Meanwood plot (20x20) for K23 million negotiable.Please if there is we are  interested,to buy land any supporting our plan.