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Eine Spendenaktion von Feli & Marcus .

Street Kids Brazil


Worum es geht

To support kids in Salvador in north eastern Brazil we created the StreetKidsBrazil Project.

We are Feli and Marcus—traveling the world, working location independent as Digital Nomads. We share our experiences on traveling on Feli’s blog, "Travelicia". We also organize worldwide DNX events and CAMPS for Digital Nomads. Marcus podcast show LIFE HACKZ is all about improving yourself and your business.

Our next DNX CAMP is planned for December in Jericoacoara, Brazil. The Digital Nomad community discovered a Relocation Cruise going from Gran Canaria to Brazil on November 18th - just in time for our camp.

We decided to join that adventure and travel to Brazil on a cruise ship along with many other Digital Nomads. Salvador is one of the most violent and poorest cities in the world, so we decided that, upon our arrival, we would like to support a project helping local kids.

Our Street Kids Brazil project will support Viva a Vida in Salvador. Here, many children fall into the drug trade and start using illegal substances when between 8 and 12 years old.

The project offers kid-friendly activities to keep the youth informed, while also steering them away from drugs and other risky situations. They also develop their self-esteem and improve family relationships.

This is possible through activities like:
· Workshops, combining art and dynamic activities in a secondary school, coupled with support for the realization of a Life Plan.
· The theater activities aimed at strengthening children’s knowledge about drug prevention— enabling them to communicate this subject in their own way to other teenagers—and in improving their theater, artistic and cultural knowledge.
· Youth Leadership Group created to encourage and support young people in taking initiatives for the improvement of their neighborhood.
· Meetings with parents designed to improve relations between families and their children as well as strengthening the community.
· Public policy advocacy to strengthen the Municipal Council for Policies on Drugs as well as the Council for the Rights of Children and the Municipal Council for Social Assistance to ensure drug prevention is being addressed.

While we live our dream of traveling and working location independent and encourage and support others to create their dream life, we know that we are very lucky and many people never will get this chance.

We are always amazed by the support and strong connection at our events and the community of Digital Nomads and travelers, so we ask you for a little support for our project. Let’s make the places we visit also a better place for the people living there.

Please help us with a donation and share our project!

Feli & Marcus  .

Feli & Marcus . hat diese Spendenaktion am 19. September 2015 veröffentlicht.

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