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Peregrin H.
Peregrin H. schrieb am 26.09.2015

Hi everyone. Tomorrow is the big day. The race begins at 9am in Berlin but my race day starts at about 6:30 am when I will wake up to have breakfast. You need to let the food digest for a few hours before running so it's a very early start! I'll probably have some toast and go back to bed.

I've got my race plan worked out, running gear ready. All I really need to do is go and run. Which sounds nice and easy, right? For the last few days people have been asking me if I'm ready and the answer is YES! People ask me if I'm nervous and I must admit the only time I feel nervous is when people ask me if I'm nervous and I say no and then I think 'but should I be?'

I had a short jog today and another Pilates session and half hour in the infra-red sauna just to stay nice and loose for tomorrow. Lots of advice I've read mention that I should have a glass of red wine tonight too - just to help me relax and sleep. I haven't had a drop of alcohol in a while because of the training so that will be nice!

I figured it would be good to reward myself too after nearly a year of hard work and countless kilometres of running - and I might think of something to treat myself with but honestly I think the biggest reward will be being able to press the 'forward donations' button from my fundraising page. It's been an amazing response and of course I'll leave the page running so that people can still donate - it's a hugely important cause of course and if I can keep on helping then I will.

So thanks to all donors again and if you are in Berlin come down and cheer me and the other 41000 runners. Let's do this!