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Training run video - Seiffen

Peregrin H.
Peregrin H. schrieb am 03.08.2015

Whilst accompanying my son to the fantastic Erzgebirge Bike Marathon EBM100 (http://www.erzgebirgs-bike-marathon.de/) around the German village of Seiffen near the Czech border, I took the opportunity to do some training on hills. This is not something I can normally do in flatland Berlin so the fact that there's a 24 km wandering route around the village and my training calendar said to do 24 km was obviously a coincidence I couldn't ignore.
In fact I got lost a couple of times and it ended up more like 26 km. Also I suck at hills. And it was very hot. And occasionally I had to jump for my life to avoid cyclists. Otherwise it was wonderful. Oh and I forgot my iPod. But that didn't matter as it was beautifully peaceful. The best part was running through shady forests with thick layers of pine needles on the floor making a soft, bouncy surface.
Anyway, I have just bought an 'action camera' and put it to good use making this video from the time-lapse mode. The batteries ran out before I finished but I captured most of it. Check it out:

A big thanks to all donors!