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Day 1- ‘Watching the streets of Delhi through tired eyes- in English

Clara W.
Clara W. schrieb am 17.06.2015

Arrival in Delhi, in the world’s most polluted city


 - after 24 hours on the sleeper class of a train.

Although the name seems to implicate any kind of sleep on the way, we actually didn’t have any. That’s why this video is not really a fresh start through our trip for women rights. J

Nonetheless we are excited. For all the things that are only waiting for us to discover tem.


Going by train in India is a very cheap way to travel. For about 600 Rupees (about 8 Euro), we went from the holy town Varanasi, which is in Uttar Pradesh, (where we got this wonderful Henna on our hands), all the way to the 800 kilometers far Delhi. As it is that cheap, there are a lot people, even with a low income, who travel this way. You will find at least five classes in each train.

The class with the lowest standard is the ‘sitting class’, then ‘sleeper class’, Air Condition (AC) 3, AC 2 and AC 1. As we heard, AC 1 is really expensive and quite luxurious thing.

Normally- and especially in the main season, when we travelled-, trains are full of people with lots of luggage and children. Going by train is always an adventure to us. To sum it up: we had a lot of time to learn about people and to observe them.

After this experience, Delhi was less crowded and polluted, than we expected. When we found our way through the traffic in an Autorikshaw*, we met some friends and enjoyed in Jangpura, a really green and calm borrow of Delhi.

At the end of the day, we fall in our beds at our friend’s flat and slept for a long time, waiting for a new day to begin.


*Autorikshaws are the taxis of India, there are cheap and fast und cool air is going through your hair, when you drive in heavy traffic.