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10 days to go!

J. Ryder
J. Ryder schrieb am 11.06.2015

Our pedals2patrick team are gearing up for the ultimate fundraising challenge!  The weather in the west of Ireland is really great at the minute and if we get the same weather for the 21st of June for our cycle and climb we will be delighted!

The team are looking forward for the challenge and will be doing a combination of cycling and climbing and for the more adventurous ones ... (or crazy ones!) will be doing both.

joining me will be:

Joe, Jason, Helena, Kathleen, Cora, Vernon, Ceire, Edel, Damien.

They will be adding the fundraising link to their facebook pages and touting for some sponsorship over the coming days.  Please share with your friends and family.

Bring it ON!