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Flood Victim's of our areas

A. Uddin
A. Uddin schrieb am 17.08.2010

Dear Supporter,

Hope every body's are  Fine, we are suffering from unexpected flood  in our areas about0.4 million people are suffer's from this  flood and  mudslides of  the river, especially in women and children are suffer's most. All the days are raining, day labour can not comes out  from his house for working to earn money.so they become  living without flood in their houses. No  money for their treatment of their families. Maximum are suffering from gastro-enteritis, Tuberculosis, pneumonia, diarrhoea, cholera, dysentry and jaundice.So we need your kind  support for them. I hope every body will come forwards to help these poor rural people in our areas.They need at least 5Euro for each family for a week, Here I attached few  Videos  of our flood situation on our Youtube account-'DRAKHTERUDDIN', please see these video for better reference

Thanks to all

With best regards.

Dr Akhter Uddin