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K. Anthony
K. Anthony schrieb am 29.04.2015

Dear all of you my supporters and friends,

I thank you so much for all your sponsorships for me to run the Uganda International Marathon this 24 May 2015. My target is to raise €500 for Youth With A Vision to start a scholarship fund which will enable the poor children to access education. It is crucial that these children have the opportunity to go to school. It is through education that they will acquire skills and knowledge to compete for employment to improve their condition of life.

Youth With A Vision is a nice charity that is whole heartedly advocating for the empowerment of the disadvantaged children and elderly. The charity is doing an amazing job to ensure that the disadvantaged children, youth and elderly reach their potential. Please feel free to read about the charity via http://www.freetocharities.org.uk/ywav

You have so far sponsored me with €51 and this means that I am short of 459. I welcome and appreciate all your additional support to help me run the Marathon while raising funds for a good cause.

With many thanks,