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Eine Spendenaktion von T. Langer

My heart beats for a better world


Worum es geht

To finance the further completion of our website according to our concept we invite all our friends with this map to the donations - and posting action , " My Heart Beats For a Better World ". If your heart beats for a better world, share this map and the related text with all your friends and make photos, videos, poems, songs, drawings, large or small actions from flashmops to selfies, to the topic " My Heart Beats For a Better World ", and then post them on our and your Facebook page. Nominate your friends and relatives and set your marker for your donation.
The map is served provisionally as follows: above and next to the magnifying glass you give your address and the map automatically sets the marker. This opens a window "add to the map", please click once, the map now sets the marker, by clicking on the marker a new window opens in which you insert your data and actions.

A campaign of GIBEI International in collaboration with project planning Thomas Langer, YooM and
Thank you for your attention and for your donation and much fun with the campaign. To our success and yours, yours Thomas

You can find the link to the map here
Society of innovative cultur, education and social integration - Home

Thank you !
Gesellschaft innovativer Bildung, Erziehung und Integration - Home

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T. Langer hat diese Spendenaktion am 11. Februar 2015 veröffentlicht.

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