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More about TANF

S. Smati
S. Smati schrieb am 20.01.2015

The Anidaso Nsae Foundation (TANF) was founded in the year 2012 by Rev.Laud kwaku Akuffo. It´s registered non-profit NGO that helps children in need and involved in community development in Ghana. We are mainly involve in three areas, Education, health care and community development.

Josie (Volunteer) teaching

In the areas of Education we have opened a library at our partner school, Wisdom Academy. Where we support some of our rescued children. We often have volunteers working at this school, as well, teaching a variety of subjects ranging from English, Mathematics, Science and IT to organising afternoon activities for the children. In addition, we have organised a summer school for the students. The children are also taught the dangers of HIV/AIDS, and other diseases and challenges culturally inherited that delays development, human rights, children and youth, women empowerment, farming project support and improving existing rural community services.TANF is goal oriented.  WE seek to see more and more children taken from their current impoverished environment and given Health care to prevent or cure early onset Childhood diseases. We seek to free them from Child labor that has been put on them because of poor conditions of their family. And we also seek to offer these children quality education that will lead them into a career that they can make a prosperous living from.


In the area of Health Care, we have helped set up a Community Health Center and have provided it with some donated medical equipment. We have also sent volunteers to work with the Community Health Service, for example, by providing Health checkups for Babies. In addition, we hold HIV/Aids and Malaria awareness talks.

Lastly, we are involved in child labour, which we hope to abolish here in Ghana. Too many children are forced to work at a young age, for very little pay and in terrible environments. We therefore, provide these children with child sponsorships to attend

school and break them out of the cycle of poverty. Volunteers have helped us identify the neediest children and we are in constant contact to ensure their continued health and safety, as well as to provide their entire families with support.