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SHANTI INDIA ... Immediate Action in Bodhgaya

Tom Z.
Tom Z. schrieb am 31.01.2015

Our first IMMEDIATE ACTION on your C.A.N ASIA TOUR 2015 we did in Bodhgaya, India - the place where Buddha was enlightened.

Our next IMMEDIATE ACTION will be to buy 3 pairs of high end running shoes for the most promising athletes of the Deaf-School in Tangalle, Sri Lanka. All 3 children are deaf. But they have a great chance to compete in national competitions against 'normal' kids.
If that happens it will not only fulfill the dream of those 3, but also be good for the whole school and for the integration of disabled children in this country in general.
The long-distance running shoes will cost about $100 per pair.
That's a fortune here in Sri Lanka, which those children from poor backgrounds could never afford on their own of course.
We want to give them a chance.
If you like this CONSCIOUS ACTION - please participate.
Not donation can be too little. Every cent makes a difference.
STAY TUNED for the film...