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Houston Museum District Visit

S. Bista
S. Bista schrieb am 07.01.2015

Since I needed a shot from Rothko Chapel in Houston for B-rolls as one of the photographers I interviewed in Austin made a remark about that specific form , I travelled to Houston from Austin yesterday. The purpose of the Houston viisit also to re-issue my provisional passport which was lost during the pandemonium created by turbulence during the flight on December 18 just a few minutes before reaching Austin from Atlanta.

The Greyhound bus got delayed by 5 hours. It was an ordeal, worth making another documentary on. The whole day got wasted. In the midway between Austin and Houston, I got an email that Delta found my passport and ready to be delivered at Austin Airport . That is relieving news for me.

Today I visited Museum District in Houston. Started with Jung Center of Art, then to Contemporary Art Museum of Houston where I met a senior curator, Valerie who was lively and a design fellow, Amanda. It was a nice meeting. She also put me in the loop with another photography curator, Libbie.

Then I visited Museum of FIne Art, Museum of Health and Museum of Natural Sciences.

In the evening, I walked towards Houston Center of Photography, but was closed. Then I visited Rothko Chapel and shot a few clips for B-rolls.

It is quite a fruitful day.