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Pilgern für Kasavai - A Pilgrimage for Kasavai

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The first step is done - the journey starts

Sophie G.
Sophie G. schrieb am 16.09.2014

Landed in Porto at lunchtime, we really enjoyed the city with the blue Azulejos. After some last preparations we got our first stemp in our pilgrim passports. So tomorrow morning the journey can start. The first part of the caminho will take us two days along the coast via Lavra to Rates. We would like to dedicate this part of our journey to the medical treatment services of the Kasavai Primary School. Especially jigger and worm infections hamper the children from attending school regulary. Free treatments at school effectively prevent the spreading of the deseases. We hope for nice and calm weather and would like to take the chance to thank our very first anonymus donor (and hope for further donations in the coming days). Greetings from Porto, Franzi and Sophie