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Eine Zukunft für die kleine Firdavskhon

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Discharged from her hospital ward

Markus H.P.  M.
Markus H.P. M. schrieb am 19.11.2014

DA, I would like to give you an update about our young patient, Firdavskohn.

Last week Firdavskohn was discharged from her hospital ward and is now living in the hospital’s family house. She is getting better and better each day. The final test results have confirmed that the tumor is low grade one. Because the surgeons were able to remove a relatively large part of it, this has left her in a good position and we have been able to reduce the pressure in her skull. Before coming to Germany, Firdavskohn had been experiencing epileptic attacks every 10-15 minutes - we have been able to treat her for this with medicine which isn't available in Uzbekistan.

The family will leave Germany next Monday from Frankfurt. Back home, she will have an MRT scan every two to three months and will provide the images to the university hospital in Münster. The doctors there will check them, working alongside experts from Würzburg. Thank to your great help we have some money left to support Fridavskon if she needs further treatment, were the tumor to start growing again or change in nature. I will keep you posted about further developments via this channel.