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Eine Zukunft für die kleine Firdavskhon

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Greetings from Firdavskhon

Markus H.P.  M.
Markus H.P. M. schrieb am 03.11.2014

Dear All,

Firdavskhon had her operation on Friday. It took 12 hours but everything went well and I am glad to report that the doctors were able to remove almost all the tumor.

Firdavskhon is out of intensive care now and is already able to sit up and eat. She can see and move and appears no longer to be suffering from epileptic fits. We will have to wait and see for more details on her condition. These have been difficult days for her and her parents, but they have coped well. They are happy and very grateful that you all made this possible. With your donations through betterplace, and a further private donation, we have achieved our aims.

I will keep you posted about further developments!