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Helen's Long Walk Home

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The First 20 km

Helen P.
Helen P. schrieb am 02.09.2014

It's day two of my Long Walk Home challenge, and I'm feeling fit and healthy!

Yesterday was a stressful kind of day, so walking 8.5 km with tense shoulders and a bad mood wasn't something I particularly wanted to do, but, as my husband reminded me, I'm not doing this for fun. It's about showing solidarity with people who travel long and difficult journeys to school everyday. When I remember that, my power walk (I did it under 90 mins) through beautiful Heidelberg was a breeze.

Today I was very lucky to get some moral support from my lovely friend A. and her little boy. We had to stop a couple of time as two-year olds tend to need a little attention. It was so nice to share my walk with them. Thanks guys!

Tomorrow I am stepping it up with a run home... Making every step count for MCP.