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Make A Move - Make a Change

Helen P.
Helen P. schrieb am 24.08.2014

Here is where the inspiration for this action comes from. I was involved in putting this idea into words with other members of MCP - if inspires you, get in touch.

MCP has launched Make a Move - Make a Change, a project to raise money via sponsored sporting events. 

You are invited to organize independent, team or group events to cover as many kilometers as possible (e.g. a sponsored run).

Make a Move - Make a Change is designed to unite the MCP network by working together to achieve fundraising, team and personal goals. The challenge: through the combined efforts of the existing network, our supporters, and friends, we will collect sponsorship and cover 8000 km. 

This distance is the approximate distance between MCP’s registered ‘home’ in Heidelberg, Germany and Namibia. Those 8000 km haven’t stopped us from achieving great things yet, so there is no reason we can’t tackle them as a team! Walk your dog, cycle for fun, run with your class, jog with your friends, swim your lanes…every move makes a change. 

Our efforts aim to raise 8000 Euros by collecting the suggested donation of 1€ per kilometre, which will go a huge way towards the various projects in Namibia. So friends, we want you to plan and hold events as individuals, as teams, as networks, and find ways to fundraise via sponsored ‘movement’.

- Activate your network and organize an event – run, swim, jog, cycle, walk, dance… 
- Tell us your plans via info.makechangepossible@gmail.com (Who? What? When? How far?)
- Get moving and get collecting donations.
- Report! How far? How much? Send photos!
- Donate via the website: http://www.make-change-possible-ev.de or bank transfer

Let’s get moving and be 8000 km better off! #MakeAMoveMakeAChange