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Skateistan Fundraiser @ IC

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IC's Skateistan fundraiser achieved target ...and more

A. Bicking
A. Bicking schrieb am 22.02.2015

Dear supporters,

One last update with re to our IC Skateistan fundraiser. As you know we kicked off our initiative in September last year with the goal to raise 1,500 EUR for the Skateistan organization. 

I am very pleased to report that we achieved this goal. Togehter we raised a total of 1,789 EUR. Great stuff. How did we get there? Well...

# To start there were 40+ colleagues who attended & paid for our breakfast
# There were the beautiful gifts & cookies for sale - prepared by The IC Support team
# There were donations placed to ensure PGFF would tidy up our offices
# There were generous donations placed by IC colleagues, IC alumni and our business partner WL
# There were 30+ raffle tickets bought by you 
# There were more raffle tickets bought by IC and given to each of us a Christmas gift
# There was one lucky winner of the first IC sponsored Aloha Longboard

Easy to see that this fundraising success is due to the efforts, dedication and generosity of many individuals in & outside of IC. A very big thank you to all of you. Well done. Together we made sure that Skateistan keeps rolling and will change the lifes of young girls & boys in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa for the better!

Thank you for this,