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Seema’s fundraising event

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Community creches

Seema P.
Seema P. schrieb am 03.07.2014

Korku tribe community of Central Indian state of India are worst victim of malnutrition. In recent studies the stunting among their U5 children has risen to 65% indicating the chronic hunger. These children will grow with decreased physical and cognitive abilities.
The greatest problem is that the malnutrition catches up and grows vigorously causing irreparable damages in first three years of a child's life. Unfortunately these children do not get any proper care in an institution or at home. Most of them accompany their mothers to  work sites or left at home in care of another child or aged grandparents. Even the government response is limited to providing them with Take Home Rations which too is generaaly shared among other children in a poor family.
Community creches are intended to provide day care facilities to children below 3 years and ones belonging to daily wage earning mothers. They will receive care, food, health care and growth monitoring, preschool while their mothers are at work. With proper nutrition and care these kids will grow healthy being saved from the ravages of malnutrition.
We want to run 2 creches .... we need your support to save Korku children's life...