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Eine Spendenaktion von V. Judish

Veronika's Fundraising Page


Worum es geht

As a young woman aspiring to be a mother one day, not for a second I need to question access to qualified healthcare to make the journey of a child birth safe. While we in the Western World take this for granted, close to 162,000 mothers die every year due to a lack of simple medical care in Africa. Maternal mortality remains a heavy burden in sub-Saharan Africa where 1 Million African children are left motherless each year.

Being deeply touched by the reality of African mothers and their struggles; we, young professionals and EMBA students, have decided to stand up and participate in a charitable project aimed at assisting the education and development of midwifes in Africa. Please join us and stand up for African Mothers with us!

The object of the AMREF campaign "Stand Up for African Mothers " (SUFAM) is the training of midwives on site, so that the medical care of women and babies is improved. AMREF has set a goal with this project to train 15,000 midwives by 2015 and thus provide a sustained improvement to the healthcare of African mothers. As of today there are close to 5,000 midwives that have already been trained.

V. Judish

V. Judish hat diese Spendenaktion am 11. Juni 2014 veröffentlicht.

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