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Eine Spendenaktion von Mike H.

Strongman Agony Run Part II


Worum es geht

October 19th : Happy Birthday to me: it’s my 32nd
Together with my mates I will tackle the Fisherman’s Friend Strongman Run (the World's biggest obstacle race) in Luxembourg, again!
- 24km of agony, mud, more pain, ice cold water, hurdles and even more pain …

It may look like fun but it's the hell for lame runner like me and Tim

After last year’s run, we couldn’t move for two days and we didn't want to participate ever again in such a run (like never never again). Well that was in 2013…
After earning the well-deserved respect for last year’s heroic deed for which we raised about 1,000 euro, no one dared and would dare to challenge us ever ever ever again.

However, same procedure as last year: every good story starts with a beer.
While having (again) one or two (many), Tim and I looked at each other and had the best of all ideas one ever had when drinking beer: to have another beer.
At the end of evening, when we had enough, the brilliant idea came up to run the Strongman Run to raise money (again)
This year, we decided to support Escher Déirenschutzverain ( ), which is a non-profit organisation supporting less-fortunate animals, providing medical care and helping them to find a new home.

Tim an I did not suddenly became runners since last October and it certainly did not become more pleasant to run – above all it is not really a pleasure for a big guys like us… running may be healthy and everything but not fun).
It is truly a mental and physical challenge for us but we are ready to tackle this year’s hurdles as well: shared pain is half the pain and “together we run strong” to make a difference with fundraising.

- Tim Pantaleoni & Mike Hansen: usual suspects last year's princesses shall become bearded nightingales
- Emile "the chief" Chimutu, my Uni flatmate will especially fly to Luxembourg to raise money and run with us - and of course to dress like Conchita Wurst if we reach the target
- Coryse Gondi, the first and toughest woman on our team.


We would be very grateful for your support!
Your generous support will give us the motivation to push ourselves that much harder ... and to tackle the hurdles in October.


We are well aware that physical pain is certainly not enough for most of our "dear friends" to support us, therefore the theme of the special challenge will be WURST - yes,like sausage :)
Help us to raise 666 euro for Escher Déirenschutzverain and we will run dressed up as Conchita Wurst to pay homage to the bearded nightingale:
We will be bearded, wear a dress, long hair and a discreet make-up (for Tim :) )

Thank you very much:
- Fit Doheem for their support
- Astrid Freis & Agence Uelzecht who transferred money directly to the S.E.P.A ;)

Mike H.

Mike H. hat diese Spendenaktion am 06. Juni 2014 veröffentlicht.

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