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Eine Spendenaktion von N. Dumitrascu



Worum es geht

Stefania Dumitrascu is a beautiful 5-year old girl, born on August 23rd, 2009 with esophageal atresia, a birth defect in esophagus does not connect Which HER HER Properly to stomach, thus Preventing Normally HER to eat & breathe.

Her family in a small village Lives, Outside Bucharest and consists of nine members (5 adults & 4 children), many of Them Them Also suffering from illnesses rendering Unable for work. THEY Although social support from states Receive Some Authorities, Stefania's medical condition much beyond Their Efforts Requires financial resources.

Up Until now, through various charitable Associations & Foundations in Romania, THEY managed to raise the sum Necessary (10,000 EUR) for the corrective surgery Performed in Germany, by the Head of the Department of Pediatric Surgery, Municipal Hospital of Karlsruhe.

However, the child's sufferings is not over yet and her family struggles to pay month by month the hospital visits & treatments. In January 2013 Another major intervention SHE suffered through Which the samples Inserted into HER WAS HER stomach to feed while THEY Perform On Her esophagus Some other treatments. Estimated Doctors That Will continue this regimen for at Least Another year.

Every Day THEY desperately struggle to Obtain the Means to keep Stefania alive, away from hospital beds & Has Not enough hes an active, normal life for a child of Her age.

Seeing as the total family income does not surpass 230 EUR / month while monthly treatments at the Marie Curie Hospital Bucharest go beyond 300 EUR / month, THEY have to ask Continuously support from the community.

I decided to tell HER story here Because I want to raise money to carry Them Enough through this last year of medical treatments. According to my calculations, Their income is about 230 EUR / month Their Expenses but is at about 950 EUR / month (special milk for the child - Junior fodder, SHE Needs to take medicine, hospital Expenses, traveling back & forth to the hospital) . If We Could raise the difference - 720 EUR x 12 = 8.640 EUR We Could save nine people from daily torment and one 5-year-old Could have the chance of receiving proper treatment in time.

The reason I am asking for your help on this family Has Been That is asking for financial support for 5 years now but We Have a Terrifying amount of social cases like this one in Romania so it's very difficult and challenging to Receive support Continuously .
Your donations will be used for covering hospital expenses, buying medicine (in Romania, hospitals lack resources so patients often have to but the medicines & substances used by themselves), food & travel expenses for ONE YEAR.

N. Dumitrascu

N. Dumitrascu hat diese Spendenaktion am 25. April 2014 veröffentlicht.

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