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Virginie Runs Fuji for Morningtears

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final countdown until Fuji 168km start !

v. goethals
v. goethals schrieb am 23.04.2014

Dear Friends,
The final countdown has started. I am leaving today: first to Tokyo to meet up with my teammates (whom I do not know well at all).  Thursday, we will drive together to Fujikawaguchiko Town where we will stay in a lodge. Gear check, official signing of liability waiver (for the lawyers amongst us....), carbo loading and hydrating, sleeping will keep us busy until Friday 3 pm when this great adventure will start. 
I have been so busy with kids and family visiting that I have hardly had the time to focus on the race. It hit me yesterday night when my son Maxime asked me if I was really going to run almost 169 km. My body feels great, too much tapering I guess.  All my warm gear is ready. I am carrying  two jackets, rain pants,  gloves, hat,  2 smart wool tops, 2 headlamps and spare batteries, first aid kit, pocket knife, "portable toilet " requested by the regulation ( aka dog poo bags), water bottles, 2 iPods, phone, whistle, emergency blanket, 6 energy bars ( I quit gels....), my favourite nacho chips and nuts....
As you all know, I am dedicating this great challenge to Morningtears.  A huge thank you to all who already contributed, please all keep spreading the word !
You can follow me during the race by entering my bib nr 390 (do not try my name, they mixed all my surnames....) 
For more info about the race, go on http://ultratrailmtfuji.com
Thank you to all for the amazing support, if you cannot reach the moon, at least try reaching the stars !Virginie