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Zu Cup Football Academy for disadvantaged Children

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Edgar  O.
Edgar O. schrieb am 12.05.2014
ZU football academy is using Football to change the lives of underprivileged children in the slums of Nairobi Kenya 

Zu Football Academy  uses the beautiful game to raise awareness and funds for the less fortunate Children of Nairobi slums. Nairobi is home to Victor Wanyama, a former Celtic player currently trading his ply for Southhampton in the English premier league. It is also home to Macdonald Mariga and Dennis  Oliech two of Kenya's football star currently playing for top european clubs. 

All these players have one thing in common they started from humble beginnings. Victor Wanyama from a very humble beginning at the dusty 'ram' stadium in Muthurwa playing for Country bus fc. 

There is certainly no shortage of rags to riches stories in Africa. There are countless examples of  uneducated, shirtless and barefooted children have overcome poverty to make it to the very top of word football. They made it through determination but most importantly, they made because of the support and encouragement they received at a time when very few people believed in their dream.

By nurturing the talent of the less fortunate children in our societies, we build a foundation for their big dreams and we become a source of inspiration to them. 

Zu Football Academy seeks to attract poverty stricken children through football so that we can develop their talents and educate them