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Charity run for Tareto Maa at VCM 2014 in Vienna

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Today´s pictures

Philippe A.
Philippe A. schrieb am 13.04.2014

Sometime we set our goals too high.. but it´s also an healthy way to challenge ourselves.
In my view, we have just done something remarkable, all together!
It was absolutely heartwarming to see how you responded to this charity run and how much support you gave us and 6 girls can now go to school.That´s one more girl as last year!
It was also really fun to run with Fynn and to see how much confidence he gained. As his father, it means the world to me. 
I added the last pictures taken today and a new video recorded at the start on the bridge. I also put the link to our Facebook page and hope you will all join us to follow what is happening next at Tareto Maa. 



wishing you all the best, Philippe and Fynn