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Charity run for Tareto Maa at VCM 2014 in Vienna

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1 week and 6 more days

Philippe A.
Philippe A. schrieb am 30.03.2014

Running is always a good time to reflect on things.. today was no exception and so my thoughts were wandering back 11 years ago when I quit smoking. In the end, it wasn´t so difficult but it made me gain 20 pounds.. so this is how I came to run and if I didn´t really loose weight, at least I didn´t put on more! Actually, I never thought I´d be a runner.. the first time, I didn´t go very far and couldn´t walk properly afterwards for two days.. just imagine a walking duck and you´ll get the picture! 
Anyway, today was a fantastic sunny day to run. I did a 10K and met many other people preparing for the marathon too. Fynn is getting really excited now about the event and his motivation is growing each day! We took a few picture the other day which I will try to post now.. 
We have now collected the equivalent of two school yearly fees and we still have nearly two more weeks ! Thank you and warm greetings from Vienna, Philippe