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Viele Grüße aus Berlin, dein

Eine Spendenaktion von H. Kühn

Foundation Wagon "Once a Scout - always a Scout"


Worum es geht

The German Scouting Foundation – Stiftung Pfadfinden has ever since its introduction 15 years ago been a major supporter of the BdP’s federal programs, its regional chapters and local groups. Beyond financial engagement however it has also established a lasting relationship between older and former scouts and the active participants in the organization.
Our Wagon theme will be the introduction of the Scouting Foundation concept to our Eastern European Scouting Friends and, if desired, supporting them during implementation

Our target group of fellow travelers should mostly consist of older and former guides and scouts united in Baden Powell’s theme “Leave the world a little bit better than you found it” and be prepared to support active scouting-life even at a later stage of life.

Our Conductor Team of 7 Scouts and Guides from 3 different countries will ensure an unforgettable experience as part of the ScoutingTrain 2014 Project.

We need your support making this journey and prior wagon meetings affordable to all participants and therefore ask for your generous donation.
Are you interested in joining us on this phenomenal tour from Berlin to Siberia, please contact Hans at

H. Kühn

H. Kühn hat diese Spendenaktion am 29. November 2013 veröffentlicht.

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