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Only 3 weeks to go

H. Geeratz
H. Geeratz schrieb am 17.03.2014


Only 3 weeks to go then I will be in Ouarzazate, or as its been called "the Door to the Desert". I have to admit that I am getting excited. My preparations went very well, basicly because of the mild Hamburg winter I could do enough miles. I had no real physical problems; except for the normal runners issues. In January I catched a nasty cold, that was a troweback, but I could recover fast enough to get some extra miles into my leg. Training program is now relaxed: no long runs anymore; Every other day I run 15 till 20 km and in the weekend 15 / 20 hill training.

My Backpack is almost prepared; Its not that easy to pack 6/7 days of food into that a small backpack. There will be no place for extra's. Its going to be food, extra clothing, sleeping bag and mat, and the survival kit. No room for extra's. I try to get as much food in there as possible; food is fuel..

Thanks for everyone who takes the time to read this and special thanks for those who donate to the Sternbrücke. 

Enjoy your day :-)