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TEAM ASHA: Bhavani Prasad Desai(Frankfurt)

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You were ASHA for them!!

Bhavani Prasad D.
Bhavani Prasad D. schrieb am 31.10.2013

Charity is unconscious of itself, there is no accumulation first and then distribution. It is like the flower - natural, open, spontaneous.--- Jiddu krishnamurti

A month back when Sandeep proposed to me to become a fundraiser for Asha I never seemed be to optimistic that i could raise even 50 bucks. My perspective of the world around me was that of Rat race, cut throat competition ,survival the fittest, in general it was that of an ANIMAL PLANET. "who and why would someone even care!" was my first thought.

With 93 donors from 23 countries and 14 nationalities, and 1286 Euro donation ,from students to professors, doctors to engineers, from young to pensioners, from close friends to complete strangers, men and women , people from all walks of life made me believe there is still hope ... yes ... ASHA. I see a different world now and i feel much more better.

Thank you for changing that perspective and thanks for Asha for making me a part of it. 

Notes on Asha for Education Fund raising
1.)11 fund raisers have collected have collected 4936 Euros from cumulative 216 Donors world wide
2.) 1750 X 2 = 3500 Euros will go for building toilets in two schools in Placepalayam Village Tamil Nadu.
3.) Repairing toilets in CSI school in Chennai : € 500 4.) Repairing the kitchen in CSI school i Chennai : € 750

Photos and completed project will be updated. 

Thank you again for making Asha for Education's(Frankfurt Chapter) Frankfurt Marathon a very good success.