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Vision and Mission - Trivandrum Don Bosco Veedu Society

T. P. D
T. P. D schrieb am 01.06.2016

Our Vision: We believe that “the glory of God is a person fully alive!”. The ultimate aim of all our efforts is to humanize the world by serving the young especially those at risk. We believe that the young are our present and our future, the most precious and vulnerable portion of humanity and caring for them is caring for society. We offer them our unconditional service in close collaboration with all those who are engaged in their welfare.

Our Mission: To reach out to and rescue children and youth at risk*: to protect them; to restore them; to inspire them towards dignified life protected from abusive and dehumanizing situations, to advocate on their behalf to restore their rights and to be catalysts in the formation of a child friendly society.  It is enough that they are young for us to reach out to them with love in the spirit of Don Bosco the father and founder of this vast network.

* Trivandrum Don Bosco Veedu Society defines youth at risk as: street children and youth; child laborers; child beggars; unaccompanied and lost children; children in conflict with the law; abused children; abandoned children; runaways; and children from dysfunctional family environments.