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Please help us return two fox cubs to the wild!

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D. Stojanovic
D. Stojanovic schrieb am 27.06.2013

Thank you everyone who supported and  donated to this project.

Dear donors, who have helped us secure some of the funds needed to care for the two fox cubs rescued from certain death and torture we'd like to inform you how your donations have been spend. We have received 176e from better place thanks to your generosity and with the first 70e we have bought and set up fencing so that the cubs could be moved from their tiny bird enclosure until they are released to the wild. We have also bought sand and cement (50e). Another 50e went onto food, as well s dewormers and frontline (6e). Because it is a hunting season in Serbia, we have decided to keep the foxes until Spring. Releasing them now would mean certain death. By February the hunting season will be over and the Spring on its way so the food will be more plentiful and this will ensure that the foxes have a better chance of adapting back to their natural habitat. Once again, we'd like to thank you for your kind donations which have enabled us to keep these cubs safe and give them a chance in life.

Thank you everyone!