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Eine Spendenaktion von -. CapcoCares

CapcoCares: Running for Flood Relief


Worum es geht

Capconians! Capco would like to dedicate our J.P. Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge effort to help the people affected by the recent and severe flooding in Germany.

Capco will match your donation up to 10€ for every kilometer a Capconian runs, meaning 10€ x 5.6km x 52 participants = 2912€! Please note: donations need to be made at the latest by Wednesday, June 19 for them to be matched.

All donations will be routed directly to the 'Hochwasserhilfe 2013' charity project (found below and to the right), managed through Aktion Deutschland Hilft (website listed below) and all contributions are tax-deductible with a Spendenquittung.

Please feel free to forward this page to your friends and family and to share via Facebook to spread the word – anyone can donate! If you have any questions, feel free to contact Sebastian Bechtold ( or Jacqueline Dullin-Fox (

Your Corporate Responsibility & J.P. Morgan Chase Corporate Event teams

Charity link:

-. CapcoCares

-. CapcoCares hat diese Spendenaktion am 06. Juni 2013 veröffentlicht.

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