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Andras' Zimbabwe Run - for the youth in Africa

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Target achieved! Thank you for your contribution!

A. Incze
A. Incze schrieb am 29.11.2013

Dear Sponsor of my African Marathon Run,

This is to sincerely Thank You for your kind contribution to this important cause - improving the sexual and reproductive health of many young people in Africa. From the collected donations
- peer educator will be trained to multiply the effect
- entrepreneurship and business skills will be taught, to establish a solid basis for a living for young woman - they are often abandoned to raise a small child alone. On top of this,
- 25 HIV test kits will be provided.

Trust this is a comforting notion for you that your donation will do the good - this is guaranteed by the DSW organization applying these funds for a project in Kenia. I experienced them as very trustworthy and effective - incl and especially "on the ground"

Have a deserved nice time in the upcoming Festive Season, wishing you all the best