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A step closer to the motorbike purchase thanks to you!

E. Bailie
E. Bailie schrieb am 23.05.2013

I have just forwarded your donations onto funding the purchase of a motorbike which will allow the Ugandan team to transport themselves cheaply and easily between Mpigi town (the office) and the mushroom site. This also gives them the freedom to take the mushrooms to market at all hours of the day. This will also be great for the tourism project, providing our guests with a really authentic Ugandan transport experience. When not being used, the motorbike can be hired out cheaply to members of the community who can earn money from taxi-ing people around. This helps young people who would not be able to buy a motorbike earn a living and will also provide a small but steady income for Mwenya Uganda. Having a motorbike is a significant step which is all thanks to you! We really appreciate your support.