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Tom Z.
Tom Z. schrieb am 16.08.2014

Dear Friends of C.A.N and DONORS to the C.A.N TOUR 2013.

In Ethiopia we used some money from the donation pot to finance SCHOOL BENCHES for the Simien Mountains. We also bought chickens for the YAYA GIRLS and we gave some to an orphanage in Addis Ababa that they used to fix theit broken TV and the ping pong table.
But there is still some money in the pot.

When we came across the ADOPT-A-DREAM programm of CENIT in Quito, Ecuador this year, on our HAPPINESS-INSIDE-OUT-TOUR, we saw this great opportunity to use 360 €uros out of this pot to sponsor LUZ MARIBEL DREAM for a better life for one year ($40/month).

We also installed a project that allows everyone to donate ANY AMOUT (as little as 1€) into a collective pot. We will then use the money from this pot to take as many children as possible from the waiting list and enroll them in the ADOPT-A-DREAM programm.

The idea is that we as a group of donors - the C.A.N DREAM ADOPTORS CLUB - will sponsor a group of children and make their dreams come true.

So please - if you like the idea - spend 3 minutes of your time to watch the film and then spend a few €uros of your money and make a contibution.

• 100% of your donation go to the children and their families
• CENIT and C.A.N will update you on the progress of the children
• find out more on CENIT's website ---> http://cenitecuador.org/donations/adopt-a-dream/

MUCHAS GRACIAS from LUZ MARIBEL, TOM, C.A.N, and all the people at CENIT