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Help where help is needed!

F. Kretschmer
F. Kretschmer schrieb am 29.11.2016

We raise funds for two wonderful charitable projects. To support the Krebsförderverein Tübingen and the Paternoster-Program, we offer various possibilities...

This way you can help:

1.) Buy Christmas Cards in your P3 Backoffice 25.11. – 20.12. (10 Cards + Envelope for 10€)

2.) Christmastree-Action at the P3 Christmasparty in HH (choose your favorite Donation purpose and donate directly at the Charity booth)

3.) Donate directly on Betterplace.org

The Paternoster volunteer project supports the lifelong and sustainable education of the children of Paternoster (South Africa). Together with the University of Education Weingarten, students of sports and pedagogy are carefully selected to support the classes, lead the homework circle and design the afternoon activities in Paternoster. With the funds collected we could realize the children's‘ dreams through the purchase of books, musical and instruments, and sports equipment.

Krebsförderverein Tübingen
The association accompanies cancer-prone children and their parents in their difficult situation and gives the families support and relief. In addition to the research on the further development of treatment therapies, the optimal care of the children is supported by donations. The use of special pediatricians, new cancer cell devices and psychological and social assistance for the small cancer patients can be made possible and the parents' home can be financed.