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B. Norman
B. Norman schrieb am 15.11.2012

Basically…Movember runs from the 1st – 30 November, it involves men all over the world identifying themselves as being part of the fight against cancer by growing a moustache. The participants start the month of November clean shaven and grow a moustache over the course of the next month and get their family and friends to donate to a cancer charity.

I have convinced the majority of the FSV Trier Rugby team to do it with me, basically we all started clean shaven yesterday and are all going growing moustaches (good, bad and ugly…..stylish and un-stylish)for the next 30 days in the hope that our group effort can raise a good amount for a good cause (so Trier residents, don’t be surprised to see a higher than average number of moustaches around in the next few weeks).


Generally, the Movember movement is for a national cancer charity but we as a team have decided to go for a local charity that works in our own region. We are collecting for the charity “Papillon”:




So, theres no pressure, if anyone wants to make a donation during the month….and it can range from a little ……..to a lot…..it will all be welcomed.