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Viele Grüße aus Berlin, dein

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Eine Spendenaktion von Philippe A.

Vienna City Marathon 2013 - Philippe 4 Tareto-Maa


Worum es geht

Running 21 km is a great challenge ! I dedicate this effort to a fantastic project in Kenya called Tareto Maa.

My goal is not only to pass the finish line on 14th April 2013 but to also raise enough money (300 Euro) to pay for the education of at least 1 girl of the Tareto Maa rescue center.
Thank you all for your support !!

17-04-2013 A total amount of 1550 Euro has been transferred to Tareto Maa yesterday to cover the school fees for 5 children (see // right column click on completed need and see bottom of the list) ! further donations to this marathon project will be donated to Tareto Maa to support other open projects e.g corn field, which is also very important to the children :-) Thank you!

15-04-2013 It was simply fantastic !! what a beautiful day to run ! 21 km in 2:09 .. along with 41000 other runners.. THANK YOU you so much for your support and your generosity ! Who would have imagined we would raise enough money for 5 girls to attend school ! this is amazing !!
[ I´ve added a few pictures from the event .. you just need to click on my photo (top right) to view them ]

10-04-2013 Only 3 more days !!! it is an amazing feeling to stand on the start line of the Vienna marathon with 35000 runners !!! but this year YOU made it very special.. I had never hope for so much support and generosity ! when I think my original goal was to raise enough money for sending one girl to school .. now we have nearly enough for 5 young girls of Tareto Maa !! THANK YOU SO MUCH !!

31-03-2013 Something incredible happened.. David and Helen from England have set a new challenge for all of us.. if we manage to raise 900 Euro before the run, they will add another 300 Euro, so we will have collected enough money to send 4 girls to school !! I had no idea when I started this that there would be so many of you ready to respond so generously.. thank you again (can´t say it often enough!)
Next week I will start running a longer distance to prepare for the run.. there is only two more weeks to go :-) The weather is very cold for this time of the year, I even had snow this morning while I was running..

26-03-2013 This is unbelievable!! we´ve just collected another school fee for a second girl !! Thank you Soooooo much !!! Merci beaucoup !! Vielen dank !! Arigatou gozaimasu !! Asante sana !!

24-03-2013 WOW!!! so many people are supporting this run!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! We are only 2 weeks away from the start.. I will raise the target once more, who knows we might manage to send a second girl to school !! right now, I´m mostly hoping for good weather to continue the training.. currently 10 km every second day.. my starting number by the way is 23058.. and I will wear a Tareto Maa T-shirt during the run :-)

16-03-2013 THANK YOU !!! We ´re 4 weeks away from the VCM start and we´ve already collected the original full amount of 300 Euro to send 1 Tareto Maa girl to school for 1 year ! This is fantastic !!!
Seemingly, more people want to donate so I will now raise the target to 400 Euro and let ´s see how far we can come.. :-)

Philippe A.

Philippe A. hat diese Spendenaktion am 13. November 2012 veröffentlicht.

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