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Eine Spendenaktion von F. Krohn

Felix' Birthday Fundraising Event


Worum es geht

Thanks for visiting my fundraising event at, on the occasion of my birthday party in Madrid!

I have long thought about this and how to set up this charity initiative properly, and thus have checked out many organisations, topics, programs and platforms that may be worth supporting. As it is impossible to find & support the one "silver bullet" project or micro credit (as there are so many diverse and good ones) I have tried to focus my search on the following attributes that a project should fulfill:

- Deal with a poverty and/or environmental-biodiversity problem
- Empower local communities and provide self-help support
- Ensure that most of the money/economic benefits reaches target group, i.e. local communities
- Show transparency about funds allocation
- Is rather no big ("fat") organization, but an agile project that is driven with expertise & heart

As you can see below I have fund an initiative that seems to fulfill these criteria very well: Plan Verde e.V. in Peru. This is a project driven by a German couple that attempts to fight desertification in the poor Piura region in Northern Peru by reforestation with two different tree types. Please find more details in the project description on the site, Plan Verde's website (; also in English and Spanish!) or their Facebook site. I have done a bit of a due diligence on the facts & figures around this project, and what I could find out supports all is good and in order (for more "empiric" details please visit;, and get back to me for further impressions on the project).

This is why I propose all guests coming to my party in Madrid consider making a donation to Plan Verde to help them fund next steps in their ongoing project. Thank you very much for your support!

F. Krohn

F. Krohn hat diese Spendenaktion am 01. November 2012 veröffentlicht.

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